Try Out Glasses: glasses frames to fit by your photo


You send your photo, the bot bot will help you find a pair of glasses to fit well.


First, users send their photo to the bot. Then, it assesses the user’s face geometry and shows suggestions by pairs. Users just push the buttons “Like Left’, “Like Right”, or “Dislike Both”. After a general frame appearance has been chosen, users are proposed a specific frame model. At this point, users can choose the suggested frame or press “Show more like this” or “Show less like this”. Finally, users can choose to try the frame at home for free or can purchase the frame right away.



The bot correctly assesses face geometry. The choices of frames may appear limited to some, but if users really intend to buy new glasses, they will be able to using this bot. Besides, the process is kind of fun. Users can use the bot to create new looks for themselves and their friends.