Game Center - Top Quiz: general topics and brands quiz chatbot review

Game Center Chatbot Review
Game Center Chatbot Review


The bot will give you quizzes for general topics and popular brands recognition.


Game Center - With Top Quiz,  users can choose two types of actions- play a quiz and choose the answers or check their ranking - how many points were earned while playing. These functionalities can be divided into the following areas:

  • Quizzes for General knowledge - News, Books, Movies, Celebrities etc. You can try to select the correct answer and see your score
  • Brands - check your knowledge of various brands
  • Instructions - brings you a list of commands that you can activate through a chat line:Tips - give you a hint about the correct answer; Menu - brings you to the beginning of the bot interaction;Play - start the quiz; Stop - quit playing; Help - brings up a list of commands


Our team ranks the Game Center - Top Quiz as a 5-star application. What impressed us the most is the quality of quiz:

  • Questions on General Knowledge are very interesting
  • Interactions with the bot is very good
  • Game Center - Top Quiz is well designed and works smoothly
  • The bot gives you hints

Finally, although we faced some problems with language selection, we still like Game Center - Top Quiz and recommend others to try it.