Clay: games and quizes chatbot review

Clay Bot Review
Clay Bot Review


Clay chatbot directs you to various games and gaming communities at the website.


Clay offers you several options to have fun with your phone:

  • Chat games. You can answer quiz questions or play games directly on your phone. There are 4 of them - Trivia, Tic Tac Toe, Hangman and “No One Has To Die”
  • Web games. This category directs you to with many many java games to play
  • Game groups. In this category you are directed to and shown all gaming groups registered from Kik messanger. You will be able to send a request to join and will probably be accepted
  • Give feedback.


We give Clay a solid 4-star rating but our team is, somewhat,  divided on this issue. The bot has some very strong and very weak sides. Let’s start with positive features:

  • Clay has a very big library of java games available on
  • There are many active gaming groups to join
  • The bot tries to bring you several of the most popular entertaining apps like quizz, chat, games on logic etc.

At the same time, there are issues with the functionality:

  • We found several holes in the bot design - in several places, you have to close the messenger and re-enter; in order to get back to the main menu
  • Very often you have to use the chat line to use the commands to navigate
  • Clay tends to crash

Basically, if you like playing free funny games, you will enjoy the java games in the “Web games” categories, but you have to be aware that the bot tends to malfunction.