App Of The Day Bot: free apps notifications chatbot review

App of the Day Review
App of the Day Review


The bot sends daily notifications about paid apps  at iTunes and Google Play that can be downloaded and used  free of charge.


There is basically no functionality. you don’t need to do anything to use the “App of The Day” because it’s a “push” notification without any interactions.

To start using the bo,t you have to do the following:

  • Select your country from the 28 offered countries or select the “other” option
  • Setup your GMT zone
  • Choose what Apps you are interested ios, Android or both


The “App of The Day” bot is very simple and requires no effort by you. The beauty of this bot is that you can receive interesting and sophisticated Apps, free of charge; just by being informed about daily campaigns.

The biggest downside of the “App of The Day” is that you get offers for Apps that are not really relevant;  to put it mildly.

In any case, there are good and interesting Apps being offered through the “App of The Day” and this is a very good way to enlarge the functionality of your smartphone or tablet without wasting money on new and untested Apps. Give it a try.