BotAware: finds chatbots by keywords on Messenger

find chatbots if users type in keywords
find chatbots if users type in keywords


The bot will inform you about the featured and the latest chatbots from the Messenger.


When users open the bot, they will be presented with three options: Featured bots, Latest bots, and Main Menu.

The Featured bots and Latest bot options are similar. They show a series of several bots icons (cards) with a bot logo, name and a brief description. Each icon has a “View on Web” feature on which the user can click to receive more details about the bot. The last icon gives users the option to subscribe to the bot or the option to view more bots. Some icons have a Read Here feature. The user can click on the Read Here button to receive more information directly in BotAware.

The Menu button lets you manage subscriptions, get info about the BotAware, as well as choose the Featured Bots and Latest Bots options.

The About This Chatbot button will enable you to send feedback or submit your bot.

The user can also search and view bots by topics or keywords.


We are giving the bot 3,49 stars.


Frankly, we have huge expectations for any bot declared to be the “bot of the bots”. The developers who successfully create a bot that finds the most relevant bots for users, may get a big piece of the bot market cake and can rightfully claim the title “bot of the bots”. However, we feel this bot may fall short of this this title.

Generally, BotAware searches bots and presents satisfactory results. However, we could not help feeling this bot is no more than just an advanced beta version. Answers as, “Sorry I am quite limited in term of talk for now” were presented frequently. We also had some problems viewing bots on web. Besides, we believe that the search function should be mentioned somewhere in the bot description, or the home page. We happened to find this function just having gone through Latest Bots and Featured Bots options. To us it appeared the search function seemed the best way to search bots.