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Mollies Recipes Info
Mollies Recipes Info


Get Italian, French or vegetarian recipes from


First,  you are to choose the type of cuisine: Italian, French or vegetarian. Whichever you choose, you are asked to type in a hint ( a dish, an ingredient) to go on. Having done so, you can see a short list (sometimes with photos) of dishes to tap. Further, you will get info of how long it will take you to cook and get the respective link to website.

From time to time, you will receive funny GIFs to put you in a good mood before cooking.

Scoring (4)

Generally, the bot is nice. Some navigation problems are possible: e.g. it takes time to understand how to shift between cuisine types. In addition,  the limited number of cuisines upsets us. But the chatbot is not annoying and GIFs are surprising.