VIN Decoder Chatbot: find out everything about a car



The bot of the website will decode a VIN (Vehicle Individual Number) of a US market car to dsplay brief info about a car. You will also be able to buy a comprehensive vehicle history report.


You just type in a VIN (17 symbols) and receive basic information about the car. For more details, it suggests that you  visit That's all.

We are not in a position to discribe or critic  the website, but there are some things we would like to mention.You can buy a Vehicle History Report (source: the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS) -  an electronic system that contains information on certain automobiles titled in the United States) for $9.50 on the website. The more reports you buy, the less you pay per report.

The report includes:

  • Basic vehicle details
  • Title records
  • Junk/salvage/insurance records
  • Lien/impound/export records
  • Theft records
  • Sale records
  • Problem checks (more than 60 possible historical issues; including flood and fire damage, prior taxi, grey market, street rod, bond posted, VIN replaced, crushed, actual odometer, etc.)

The chatbot does not send you all this information, it is only available on the website.


The bot is not complicated at all. The main propose of the chatbot is to show the information, about  the specific VIN, that is available, to redirect the interested person to the website and give people the opportunity to buy a full vehicle history report. The chatbot is being developed and we hope to be able to get  more than just general  information from the bot in the future. We guess this will be done soon since such information is accessible on We anticipate that interested persons will someday be able to buy the report via the chatbot; without having to visit the website. The point is just to improve the chatbot and connect it with a payment system. For a while, the chatbot is really just  a promotional tool for

Another problem with the chatbot is that it does not recognize VINs other than the VINs of US cars VINs. We typed in such VINs but  the bot did not recognise them. Thus, the potential users of the bot are mostly used car buyers from the US and worldwide car dealers. The price of $9.50 is  insignificant; compared to possible problems with cars someone can encounter when purchasing a used vehicle. Car dealers are given  lower prices for the reports; as well as all those who plan to buy  multiple vehicle history reports.

Despite the simplicity of the chatbot, we want to mention that it works well and responds quickly. We tried several other VIN decoding chatbots on Messenger and have not yet received any effective results. First of all, this this a promotional chatbot so  we are giving it a 4.49 star rating and we are  looking forward to its completion.