Trendbot: fashion adviser

fashion adviser
fashion adviser


You will get fashion advices, recommendations and hints.


First, users select their style from the following list:

  • Crop Tops
  • 70s Style
  • Lace-Up Details
  • Fringe Details
  • Cold Shoulder
  • Distressed Denim
  • Chokers
  • Modern Stripes.

Each style option gives users a written description and a photo with a example.

The button menu asks users if they would like to get this look. Users can choose from the following responses:

  • Yes- If users select yes, they will see an icon beside every item in the photo. This icon tells the name of the item and the name of a shop. Tapping the icon will redirect users to a website where users can buy the item.
  • No, new look- If users press this button, they will receive another photo from the same style category.
  • No, new trend-  If users select this option, they will be able to choose another trend.
  • Nah, get inspo- If users chose this button, they will prompted to select an occasion from the following list: Brunch, Girls’ Night, Sporting Event, Movie Night, Concert, School Day, School Dance, Date Night, Interview,  or Wedding Guest. After users make their selection, they will be shown an outfit inspired by the specific event of their choice.

Finally, users are redirected to a few shopping websites.


We are giving 3.49 stars.


The idea of the bot is not something new. Generally, this is not a real style watch bot, but rather this is a bot created to sell and promote apparel, footwear, accessories from a few websites. Also, the bot offers goods for women only. Nevertheless, a lot of the ideas and combinations proposed were really trendy. We hope the bot is a useful tool for the websites.