The Guardian: famous media bot

The bot sends breaking news from The Guardian
The bot sends breaking news from The Guardian


Get the latest news from The Guardian.


Upon opening the app, the user will be given the option to receive daily news. The user can select when they would like the news to be delivered.

The menu includes the following options:

  • Headlines (buttons: More stories, Politics, Sports, Business, and Support Guardian). You also can share the news from these headlines with friends.
  • Most popular (buttons as Headlines)
  • Manage subscription (buttons: Change time, Change edition(UK, US, Australian, International) and Unsubscribe)
  • Suggestions
  • Give us feedback
  • Support the Guardian (buttons: Become a Guardian Supporter, Contribute to the Guardian, How Technology Disrupted the Truth)


We rate this bot at 5 stars.


The bot has no real flaws. The bot works well. The “Support us” button is a new feature for such a renowned media source.