My AliExpress: famous auction chatbot review

Ali Express bot
Ali Express bot


This is a searching bot for to deliver deals to your messenger.


My Aliexpress is a search engine that provides the following functionality:

  • Search. This is a direct search for and to get the search to work, you need to type in “@my_ali_bot name “
  • Best Deals. You get pictures for offered deals, a short description, a link to the site, tools to rate this deal, a manual to go through those deals and return to the main menu
  • For men - best deals for men
  • For women - best deals for women
  • Gifts - deals for gifts
  • Gadgets - deals for gadgets
  • For home - deals for home
  • Download AliExpress for Android - this button is supposed to give you the link to the google apps store but it directs you to
  • Rate - the bot offers you the link to the Telegram bot store to rank the application
  • Settings - you can chose your language preference
  • Channels - this function provides you with the list of channels, available in Telegram, from this particular developer


We score the My Aliexpress bot as 2-star functionality. Although we like the idea of the dedicated search engine, this bot has serious drawbacks:

  • We couldn’t determine the logic of how deals are defined for different categories- “For Men, Women, Best …”. Offered deals look like randomly chosen offers
  • The search function requires you to use command “my_ali_search name “ - which is strange and not really convenient
  • If you  compare My Aliexpress bot with it’s related site (, you will find that the bot significantly lacks in structure and relevance
  • Link to its Android application doesn’t work at all

In general, we would like to stress that although My Aliexpress was planned as a searching engine for in fact it’s not. It just randomly shows you deals from the related site. If you are a fan of and deals it offers - you may try this apps. If you are looking for some bargains, probably, you should look at something else.