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for Selena Gomez fans


As a bot created by Selena’s fans for Selena’s fans, it will allow you to chat with other fans, receive Selena’s selfies, photos, and videos.


There are several commands you can type in:

  • “#video” - to receive a video of Selena or a link to her clip on
  • “#selfie” - to receive her selfie
  • “#chat” - to start chatting with other fans
  • “#done” - to stop chatting (or should you need to exit anything)
  • “#selena” - to receive a fun or interesting piece of information (joke, question, etc.)
  • “#gif” - to receive a GIF
  • “#ig” - to see an Instagram photo by @selenagomez

From time to time, the bot sends selfies or videos without being prompted by the user.


We rate this bot 2,49 stars.


The bot is very simple. Sometimes the bot takes a long time to respond to users. The variety of selfies available to users is okay, but there is a poor variety of videos. We have noticed the chatting option is not too popular among fans; many of them write insignificant things that would waste the user’s time. We do understand that Selena’s fans dreamed about creating a chatbot about their idol. However, it needs more time and work.