Android²: everything about Android and Customization chatbot review

Android and Customization bot
Android and Customization bot


This is a bot for the Android apps store to provide you with free of charge Wallpapers, Games, Widgets, Music and Root apps.


As a store app, Android provides you with very extensive functionality. Basically, this is a downloading library with the following groups of functions:

  • Download categories - Wallpapers, Games, Widgets, Music and Root
  • Developer’s channel
  • Suggestion box - direct communication with the developers about bugs or improvement suggestions
  • Rate me - rate the app in the Telegram store


We rank Android as 4-star bot. There are several interesting features:

  • There are many interesting apps offered for downloading
  • The bot is really easy to use

At the same time, there are serious drawbacks:

  • This store can’t be substituted for the Google store or any other well established apps store
  • There are no descriptions for the offered apps and it’s presupposes that you already know them, which could not be the case

All in all, you could find the Android bot useful if you like updating your handset’s content frequently. At the same time, it may fall short of the serious apps stores that are available.