MadnessBeat: electronic music chatbot review

Electronic music bot
Electronic music bot


The bot allows to download  and listen to the electro music from  the website.


MadnessBeat Bot provides you with very advanced and detailed functionality:

  • Top 10 - this is the list of top 10 most popular Music files according to
  • Newest - this section brings you latest Electro Music compositions added to
  • Genres - it brings you classification for 20 Electro Music Genres
  • Language - you can select  either Spanish or English
  • Search - you can search for a specific song
  • Listening - for every list of songs offered, you can click on any song, download and play it


We give MadnessBeat Bot a very solid 4-star rating. There are several appealing features, we would like to stress:

  • It’s very focused on Electro music
  • The content seems to be very broad and up to date
  • The menu and search works perfectly

The only drawback, we noticed, is that to handle the MadnessBeat Bot, you need to access the menu which remains at the top of your conversation with the bot. At all times.. You, continuously, have to scroll back up to the top. This bug is minor and is. Most likely, going to be fixed soon.

All in all, MadnessBeat Bot is very specialized and, if you are fan of Electro Music, it’s for you.