Kik Points: earn and buy chatbot review

Kik Points Bot review
Kik Points Bot review


Kik Points has been designed to get you engaged in Kik messenger by customizing your conversation.


Kik Points provides extensive functionality:

  • Start. From the very beginning ,Kik offers 230 points and directs you to the Smiley Shop. The shop offers let you to exchange points for smilies or stickers
  • Balance shows number of points left on your account
  • Invite Friends - by inviting one of your contacts to Kik Points you will get 50 points, but you can’t send invitations to more than 5 people
  • Use Points activates 3 separate parts of the shop: Smiley shop; Sticker Store; Games
  • Timer shows how many hours left until next phase; when you will be eligible to get more points in your account


Kik Points is definitely a 5-star application. This is one of the most professionally designed and built bots on the market. What we like the most is the following:

  • Excellent structure
  • The Kik store and its’ content are great
  • Conversation is structured and timely planned
  • Your account personalization will benefit greatly from using Kik Points

If you use frequently and like customizing, you definitely have to try Kik Points.