Your.MD: diagnose and health chatbot review

medical consulting
medical consulting


The bot proposes free, trustworthy and personalised health information and consulting.


After getting started, the chatbot displays different options  to choose from: «I feel unwell»,  «Medical questions»  and «Something else».  Before testing the chatbot, we were very much wondering whether the bot could 'guess' a diagnosis. The asking questions at the «Medical  question» category was just a prelude to «I feel unwell». Thus, the chatbot  provides relevant articles about your health problems and offers several possible diagnoses.  We may consider the «Medical questions» category to be a brief,  modern medical encyclopedia.

We asked the bot to give us a diagnosis of our bogus ailment. The chatbot asked for all the symptoms. The database of the symptoms is fairly good. Our first trial was not quite successful.  It recommended that we visit a doctor immediately. Congratulations, the chatbot works and the recommendation is the best  one ever. We tried the bot again, pretending to have a cold, and we were given an article about the common cold and sinusitis.

Two other diagnoses have also been generally detected.


First and foremost, the bot is, merely, a general guidance for diseases only. It, in no cases, can replace consulting your doctor, especially  for serious ailments. That is the biggest  con.

In addition, the bot does not prescribe medicine but this is a pro, avoiding incorrect  self-treatment


  •     When communicating with the bot, sometimes, we had a feeling it was not a robot: the answers and further questions were very relevant
  •     The database of diagnoses is rich. All the diseases, we could think of and entered in the search, were found in the database.
  •     Having detected a serious diagnose, the bot recommended visiting a doctor. Thus, the developers recognized the problem with self-treatment and created a relevant bot  algorithm
  •     The articles are very informative and not boring to read

Frankly, we expected our diagnoses to  be quick and properly set. This is what everyone wishes to get from such a bot. Nevertheless, we are giving it a 5 star rating. This bot is a significant step up among medical chatbots. Most likely, in the future, medical bots will be connected with sensors to the human body and people will be treated without choosing options in a gadget. However, for today , the YourMD bot is good itself; as well as a good background for future developments.