Minesweeper: demining game chatbot review

Minesweeper bot review
Minesweeper bot review


This is the minesweeper game bot.


Minesweeper has 4 functions:

  • Play - it launches a new game
  • Settings - it lets you choose the size of the gaming screen - 4x4 with 4 mines, 6x6 with 7 mines or 8x8 with 10 mines
  • Rating - this section brings up the top 20 players with the shortest time to win a game
  • Help - this section provides you with a link to the game description on Wikipedia and a voting link for the Telegram Bots Store


Our team believes that Minesweeper bot deserves very solid 4-star rating. It’s not that it’s very advanced or unique, quite the opposite; it’s very basic. Nevertheless, it’s very simple and works perfectly.

If you play games, on your messenger, you should try Minesweeper - it definitely deserves your attention.