Settle: debts notice sender chatbot review

Settle bot review
Settle bot review


The bot will keep tracking of your money between your Kik contacts and sends notices on payment/debt requests to them.


Settle works just in the several steps:

  • You choose to request money or to paydebts owed
  • You enter the amount in USD
  • You choose the desired person; among your contacts or Kik users 
  • The bot reports your note being sent successfully
  • The person receives your notification and the bot proposes starting a  chat with you about the issue
  • Settle sends messages to and from your friends


Settle deserves a 2-star rating. As for our view, it’s too simple. At the same time, it delivers what it’s supposed to. It’s a kind of another reminder, chatbots developers could not ignore creating a bot for claiming money.

Actually, you can directly contact your friends on the similar issues, without having a mediator involved.  

The bot has no withdrawal function; thus, an error notification will make you to apologize yourself unless you install some kind of an apologizing chatbot to be hopefully created soon.

On the other hand, we do like the idea of such chatbots, especially  after its getting developed and improved.

So, because of  limited functionality, it’s up to you to decide whether you need it or not. It’s rather a fun chatbot, not a serious one.