Matchmaker: dating chatbot review

Dating bot Matchmaker
Dating bot Matchmaker


This is a dating bot to find other people that match your interests in a nearby location.


Matchmaker works in the following way:

  • You activate the bot by clicking the Start button
  • Matchmaker initiates a conversation; trying to get information about you (age, location, nickname, picture, your interests,etc.) and determines whether you are looking for a man or a woman
  • The bot suggests people, that fit your requirements, in your area. Suggested people can be contacted to develop a relationship
  • Suggestions are presented one by one and you can like or dislike them
  • Presented candidates have pictures and match your interests, location and age. Candidates are presented, one by one, and you either like or dislike them.Refreshing presents new options
  • You update your settings for different search options
  • You can check to see who liked your profile and showed interest in you


We rank the Matchmaker bot as a 3-star application. It does work. It’s quite easy to set up your profile, upload your photo, identify your interest and Matchmaker suggests people who meet your requirements. The only problem is that there are no users yet and nothing to match to. So, if you use dating sites and other apps you may want to try Matchmaker, but you have to wait until people start using it.