Lingio Quiz +Translate: cute translation chatbot review

lingio quiz translate bot review
lingio quiz translate bot review


The bot translates words and idioms into 50 languages with the proper pronunciation feature.


Lingio Quiz+Translate works in the following way:

  • At the beginning the bot informs that to evoke menu you need to type in “?” send it to the chat
  • Menu. In the main menu you will see 3 options: select the language you will be translating from; select the language you will be translating to; Lingio Quiz+Translate will try to detect language you type in and translate to selected language;
  • Pronunciation. By clicking at a picture that appears after each translation you will be able to listen to correct pronunciation of the word you translated; in both languages.


Our team gives a solid 4-star rating to Lingio Quiz+Translate. There are several very appealing features:

  • It has many different languages it translates from and to
  • Lingio Quiz+Translate works well with complex idioms
  • The bot helps you with correct pronunciation - that’s very unique

In the summary, Lingio Translate is a very good and competitive bot. In addition, which is unique, Lingio Translate offers you pronunciation for the words and idioms you translate.