Dog A Day: cute dogs photos

The bot sends users photos of cute dogs.
The bot sends users photos of cute dogs.


You will be receiving a photo of a cute dog/puppy.


The bot proposes to choose an option from 4:

  • Send me cute doggy pls (The text of the option may vary but in any case the bot sends a photo per your request).
  • I want a cute doggy every day! (subscription for everyday photos)
  • Stop sending me cute doggys every day! (bot stops sending photos)
  • Feature my dog image! (you can send your photos to be reviewed and sent as a typical photo of the bot).



If you like dogs, you probably will  like the bot as well. It is simple. There are different photos of dogs; some are really cute, others have nothing special. You will also be able to send your photo for being review by a bot admin. Hopefully, you will manage to do it and other bot users will be happy to see your dog.