Coupons Bot: coupons and discounts chatbot review

coupons bot review
coupons bot review


Coupons Bot will search for deals on certain brands or retail networks that you are interested in. It is associated with website.


Coupons Bot is a very straightforward application that works in the following way:

  • There is an introduction at the beginning and then you are asked to type in what you are interested in
  • The bot brings you list of all related names and you select the most relevant items
  • Once you chose the one you like, you are directed to where you have to click at “Shop Now” You are, then, directed to an Internet site that offers the discount
  • The final Internet site is the place where you can make your purchase
  • In addition, if there are no deals available for your search you can set up an alert for when a deal becomes available


To be honest, Coupons Bot was one of the most difficult bots to evaluate. The bot is built around an excellent idea of bringing together deals on selected brands or from selected sellers. At the same time, there are some drawbacks.

Let’s start with strong sides:

  • The idea is great
  • Coupons Bot works really, really easily
  • You can set up alerts and get notifications when there are deals that are of interest to you

As for the drawbacks, we would like to stress the following:

  • Search options are rather limited
  • To proceed to your deal you will have to spend 5time to navigate on a fairly useless page of
  • Not all deals found are worth seeing

In summary, because there is almost no competition in “searching for deals” area, you will probably like Coupons Bot. You should give it a try.