Sensay: community advices chatbot review

Sensay Review
Sensay Review


The chatbot bridges you with other Sensey users who are interested in the same topic.


The only function that Sensay can do is connect you with other users. It works the following way:

Start. At the beginning Sensay tries to identify where you are from and what you are interested in

Motivation. You are given points for chatting and/or advising other bot’s users

Menu. Brings all functions you can use to manage Sensay bot:  

  • Need. You need to use command “Need …” to identify what you would like to speak about
  • Know. By using “Know …” you identify topic you are willing to be asked about
  • Me. This command brings up the details of your Sensay account
  • Invite. You can send Sensay invitation to your contacts
  • Stop. To unsubscribe from using the bot
  • Off. To switch off notifications from Sensay.


We rank Sensay as 2-star chatbot. The bot idea is nice, but it fails short to deliver value. We would like to stress the following drawbacks:

  • Sensay has a “command” menu - you have to type your commands in correctly to get any interaction
  • To identify the topic you are interested you have to spell and type it the whole text correctly- Need to talk to someone who plays tennis / likes cats / runs ... 
  • The bot tries to connect you with other users interested in the same but wasn’t able to do so in several hours when we tried

So, in the end, we would recommend you to look at other options if you want to chat to someone.