Here Comes SantaBot: communiction with Santa

santa comes
santa comes


You can send a letter to Santa using the bot and keep in touch with him.


The menu has 4 options:

  • Write Your Letter to Santa (users will answer the bot’s questions and it will send the user’s wishes to Santa)
  • Want to Keep In Touch With Santa? (users will receive Xmas poems and also receive updates on the letters users have written to Santa)
  • Want to watch videos of Santa? (videos at from the North Pole)
  • Want To See Where Santa Is? (keep track of Santa’s trip)


We do not understand the real objective of the bot except for putting users in the Christmas spirit. So, the bot is simple and works without delays. We are giving it 2,51 stars.


Nothing can kill childish dreams about getting a present from Santa. Every user can decide for themselves whether the chatbot is useful and funny, or if it is just a waste of time.