KokoBot: comfort and help chatbot review

KokoBot review
KokoBot review


KokoBot is a bot with a predefined communication to chat about philosophy and general ideas of helping or being helped by others.


There is basically no functionality as it’s expected. KokoBot is a chatbot with predefined lines. You need to read messages you get from the bot and click at an offered option.The same options are displayed whether you access the offer or decline it. The purpose of the KokoBot is to discuss philosophical ideas about helping or being helped by others. Nothing more or less.


Our team gives only 2 stars to KokoBot. Basically, we question the conversation idea put into the bot. The chat doesn’t look that interesting or entertaining.

At the same time, we admit that somebody has put a lot of effort into creating and programming KokoBot.

In the summary. We question the whole idea of KokoBot. You might give it a try but there are definitely better options.