Workout Bot: choose your type of workouts

different types of workouts
different types of workouts


You can get different types of workouts or select from workouts geared towards certain body parts.


The bot prompts users to choose a workout type:

- Gym Workouts

-  Anywhere Workouts

-  Circuit Training

If users select the Gym Workouts they will be presented with 3 options: Full Body Workouts, Upper Body Workouts, Lower Body Workouts  or you can type in a body part.

For every workout type you get several icons (cards) with options to “Learn how to do this “ and “Show me another set”

Anytime you can just type in a body part to get recommendations .


4 stars


The bot may be both useful and harmful. Generally, it advises how to do exercises and appears to do it well, nevertheless, you should understand that without considering your age, health condition, chronic diseases, etc. you can overtrain or get injured, having no human professional supervision. Thus, we can hardly recommend the bot for beginners. Those who have general complex concept of trainings and need just some hints, may somehow like the bot.