Yahoo News: breaking news chatbot review

Yahoo News Bor Review
Yahoo News Bor Review


The bot allows to for browse the  latest news.


Yahoo News bot offers you the following functionality:

  • Trending. From the start the bot offers you to see news that is trending. By tapping Trending, you would see around 6 headlines with a direct link to the article
  • Each news section contains a small picture, a description and a link to the site. In addition, you have the following options:More news on the same topic; Summary - short description of the news
  • Latest Digest. You will see the most popular news; according to Yahoo News
  • Search. You will be able to search ,using keywords, for the news you want to see


Our team ranks Yahoo News as a 4-star application. This is a very interesting bot. There are several features we would like to stress as positive:

  • You will see a lot of news from various sources
  • You can track the same news in different publications and search for related photos
  • You can hunt for the keywords you want
  • The app is user friendly

At the same time, there there are several drawbacks:

  • It is not very closely related to Yahoo because the content is very different
  • The choice of news that Yahoo News brings you as the top is questionable
  • Switching from one news item to another can get messy

In summary, Yahoo News is one of the best apps for news. It brings you a wide range of news but you need to test if it suits you. Give it a try.