Roleplay Chat Meet Anime + More: chat & play chatbot review

Roleplay Chat Meet Anime bot
Roleplay Chat Meet Anime bot


The bot connects you to other Kik users who are interested in the same topic, to communicate as roleplays.


RCMA offers very advanced functionality. The bot works in the following way:

  • Match Me - you are offered the type of match you want - free form, strict or advanced
  • Browse Roleplayers - RCMA brings short intros, one after another,  oof other users whom you can connect with
  • Update BIO - you can write a short intro about yourself and your interests
  • Switch style - you can select topics of interest like Anime, High School, Romance, Games, Sci-Fi, LGBT, Movies, Pokemon etc.
  • Change topics - changes the topic of your interest
  • What is Roleplay - this area explains the logic of the bot and how it works
  • Start Over - refresh your interests and contacts


RCMA definitely deserves 5-star rating. This is one of the most sophisticated and popular bots for connecting with other people; based on interests.

The distinguishing features of RCMA are the following:

  • A very advanced screening options
  • A colossal  base of users
  • An extensive  number of predefined interest topics

If you look for new friends, you’ve got to try CRMA.