Age Recognition Bot: can tell your age at a photo

age recognise
age recognise


The bot can evaluate his/her age, sex and skin color, having analyzed a photo of a person.


After getting started, you send a photo to the bot. Usually, it takes a few seconds to receive the information. The face(s) have to be in the center of the photo. After every validation, the bot asks for feedback.


The idea of the bot seems interesting and this technology will definitely be used in the future. In our opinion, the bot needs improvements; in order for it to work properly. Mistakes are rather frequent. Some answers like “You are 5 years old (range 5 years)” are not considered serious by us.

No answers have been received for photos with more than 1 face. Thus, we can say nothing about the photomontage. We couldn’t understood what “You are alone” means. We tried to figure out if the comment was dependent on whether the person was smiling or not. We still do not understand what the bot meant…

The developer’s enthusiasm and their  intentions to make the bot better are obvious, but  we can only give it 2 stars.