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After getting started, we were asked to chose categories: News, Olympics and Alerts. Our guess is that the Olympics category is a separate one; since it is a hot topic at the moment. In News, you are offered two subcategories: Top Stories  and News on a Topic; Top Stories will return results for the  5 top news stories or you can type in a topic that you are interested in; for News on a Topic subcategory to get 5 relevant articles.

The Olympics category allows you to choose among the following subcategories: Today’s Schedule, Final  Event Results, Medal Count, Olympics News.The alerts category allows you to sign up for the election night results.


The chatbot is simple and not annoying. We received respective news; all the top issues, on the day we made the review, were represented by the chatbot.

We did not fully get the Olympics category as a separate option; as far as we thought that Olympic games were over and the Paralympics were taking place, but we found the Olympics category to be  rather useful as a separate option. Thus, we give it 5 stars.