Health Tap: ask questions about your health and disorders

HealthTap ChatBot info
HealthTap ChatBot info


The chatbot will answer your questions about health and disorders.



To get an answer, you have to describe your health problem. The question is supposed to be brief (from 3 words up to 200 characters). As a result, you get several answers for similar symptoms. You may see a detailed description,  thank the bot, send your question to doctors or choose to talk to a doctor now.



Your question may be resolved at once or step-by-step. A lot of medical experts make contributions to give the correct hints. We are giving it a  4-star rating because some answers were not very close to a diagnosis. We typed in symptoms for health problems that we knew the correct answers for and the respective cure for. We must confess that reading the answers, to similar health complaints, was very interesting but the chatbot could not always process the questions and solve our problems. We’ll check out how real doctors  answer the questions we asked.   

Nevertheless the chatbot has a good background for being very good.