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The chatbot in Telegram

The bot offers to choose topic among Categories or search by a keyword.

The Categories are: Startups, Social, Gadgets, Enterprise, Funding and Exits, Mobile, Europe, Green Tech. By choosing a category, you will get several news and articles.

Search option will return several results on your query.


The chatbot in Messenger

Wow, the bot icons in the Messenger are not boring unlike the Telegram’s ones:)

First, the bot proposes you to choose receiving of news once a day or going through menu.

Official TechCrunch bot offers categories: Recommendations, Manage Subscriptions and About the Bot. Among Recommendation you will be provided with several articles. Subscription will enable you to receive most popular stories. You can also subscribe for Latest Headlines.

In the categories, you can view your personalized recommendations, get answers after asking a questions or requesting (eg. “Show me the news about F8”).

Frankly, We would rather start reading the articles brought by the chatbot than getting you tired with our review...



We can hardly objectively assess  the bot itself without considering our good attitude to TechCrunch brand. Definitely, the chatbot carries out everything you can expect from a news bot; articles are up-to-date, news are relevant, etc. We put 4  stars to TechCrunch Telegram bot and 5 stars to the bot in the Messenger, because Facebook’s one is more friendly and impressive.

Without a doubt, our choice is TechCrunch bot in the Messenger!