Chatty McChatface: anonymous and random chats review

Chatty McChatface Info
Chatty McChatface Info


There are 5 topics in the bot to choose from to chat directly with others.


Chatty McChatface works the following way:

  • The bots asks if you are older than 13 and to proceed you need to answer yes
  • You are required to accept the terms of service
  • McChatface forbids you to share personal information with other users
  • You need to select one of 5 topics - Pals, TV, Politics, Science or Music
  • After you chose one of the topics, you are connected directly to another user of McChatface who is interested in the same topic
  • You chat with a live individual as long as you both stay interested and don’t leave the conversation


Our team ranks Chatty McChatface as a 4-star application. What we liked the most is the following:

  • The bot is used by real users and there are many of them
  • Interest groups are relevant
  • There are no bots like this on the market yet

At the same time, there are several drawbacks we’ve noticed:

  • All users seem to be Americans and become active in the late afternoon
  • It’s not easy to get other person interested and they leave conversation easily

So, all in all, this is a quite interesting application, but you have to have something to say if you want to succeed. In any case, you should give it a try.