Familiar Spirit: a pet chatbot review

Familiar Spirit Bot Review
Familiar Spirit Bot Review


Familiar Spirit is bot to raise your virtual pet by feeding and training.


Familiar Spirits has several functions that the whole conversation is built around:

  • Train. By training you will increase the amount of gold your pet can mine
  • Food. In this category, you will be able to buy virtual food and feed your pet
  • Status. Stats on your pet and the amount of gold you have in your account
  • Get Gold. You can either make your pet mine out of gold or buy gold with your Kik points
  • Makeover. You can buy a new look for your pet with 2.5-25K Kik points
  • Medicine. You can buy medicine for your pet if it’s sick


We give Familiar Spirit a 2-star rating. As with any bot, there are strong and weak points. The strong point of Familiar Spirit is that it works well without any visible flaws.

At the same time, we question the basic idea of the bot. It is very repetitive; all you do is feed-train-dig for gold-buy food-feed-train …

Of course it’s up to you how to use your spare time, but there are better options available.