Streak Trivia: a live tournament bot

Streak Trivia Quiz
Streak Trivia Quiz


This live tournament bot, with its sessions at 1 pm PT / 4 pm ET, will give you 12 seconds to answer each question (choosing TRUE or FALSE option). You may practise in Simulation mode as well.


First,  you go through the introduction information to understand where you are and what you can do.

The bot offers two modes: a live game mode with real users (once a weekday at 1 pm PT / 4 pm ET) or a simulation mode (you are asked to answer the questions of several previous games).

Definitely, before playing a live game, it is worth of getting experience in the simulation mode. The Simulation mode shows you how many players are going streaking and the countries represented, then you answer like questions in the live mode: a question, TRUE and FALSE buttons, 12 seconds, a notice that 3 seconds is left (if you have not managed to answer in the first 9 seconds). Finally, you see your result and a funny relevant GIF, as well as the number of players eliminated and the players remaining. This lasts as long as you give the correct answers in time and there is still someone who remains in the session.

If you fail, you are asked if you would like to practice by answering questions from the 9 previous competitions. The rules are the same.

For every live tournament you  receive a reminder 5 minutes before a tournament starts and it suggests that you should go in it. If you decide to participate, a countdown is launched and a watch statistics as more players join in. The game starts and you just answer. If you give an incorrect answer, you are asked to go into Spectator Mode to follow the game; until everyone except one is eliminated and they are the winner. In the end you see all those clever players, then the current game is  added to the Simulation mode.


Well, we had some concerns: whether or not anyone would wait for the specified time to play when you can do it any time somewhere else. Having played many times, we must confess that there is something unusual about playing only scheduled games. Our opinion, the simulation mode is a significant plus, otherwise it would be less interesting bot (we all have enough chances to waste time by waiting for someone or something….). We are glad that the bot is not limited only to one mode.

So, the bot works well with no malfunctions and the GIFs are appropriate and funny.

There are some things we would like to mention. The questions are often very difficult, they cover all possible fields and just being a clever human being is not sufficient. There are smart guys amongst our friends, but no one could answer all the questions; even correctly answering 10 or more questions excited us. May be  two or three difficulty levels and a trial for a new player would be a good idea to allow them to play  at their skill level. This would, also, attract more players. Otherwise, only a limited number of  super clever and genius users will play. Perhaps we are just angry because we lost so many times. The original idea, great work and interesting questions are good so we give it  5 stars and  now we on our way to the library to study.