#Music Bot: YouTube Music Channel chatbot review

music from youtube
music from youtube


The bot allows to download and get updates from the Youtube #Music channel.


Music Bot has some interesting features and provides the following functionality:

  • Start. You need to click on Start or type anything in the chat line to activate the bot
  • Songs - you can download songs. Songs are presented randomly and you have to download them to your hard-drive and then listen to them
  • Radio - you can listen to an internet radio. Although we tried to download and activate it; it failed. Maybe, this is functionality for tablets or smartphone
  • Send a song - you can send an audio file to the owner of the bot
  • Admin - it gives you the Telegram channel of the bot owner
  • Bots - this function gives you the list of bots from the Music Bot owner. It presents 4 more bots and you can activate them directly
  • Info - you can read a short description of Music Bot here. It is a link to it’s review page; in the Telegram bot store


Our team ranks Music Bot as a 3-star application. We must admit that it’s a very well designed and well built bot. It’s simple and works well. At the same time, we found a few drawbacks:

  • We couldn’t find the #music channel on Youtube - there are too many of them there
  • Songs are randomly chosen and you are not likely to get a song that you want
  • Radio function didn’t work in our case

So, all in all,  Music Bot works well but the content looks like the personal preferences of the bot’s author. You can try Music Bot but there are definitely more relevant options available.