Guggy: GIFs for your keywords chatbot review

Guggy bot review
Guggy bot review


Guggy sends you either GIFs for keywords you search for or puts your keywords on randomly selected GIFs.


Guggy is a very simple bot and works in the following way:

  • Guggy sends you welcoming information
  • You write the keywords that you need the GIFs for and the bot performs in 2 ways: (Sends you a GIF if it matches your search criteria; Puts your keyword on a randomly selected GIF)


We would like to give a 3-star rating for Guggy. Although it’s very simple and works as it should, the main drawback is that there is nothing special about it.

We are not impressed with the library of GIFs. The only difference is that Guggy puts YOUR keywords on GIFs, so you can really tailor your messaging.

So, in the end, if you like using GIFs you can try Guggy but you should look at other options as well.