Riffsy GIF Keyboard: GIFs chatbot review

Riffsy GIF Keyboard Review
Riffsy GIF Keyboard Review


The bot brings you GIFs on requested words or topics.


Riffsy GIF Keyboard gives you the following options:

  • Start. The bot sends you a gif and offers gifs for similar searches or options
  • Search. You can change your search by clicking a chat line or “something else” in the menu
  • More gifs or similar searches. After each gif you get Riffsy Gif Keyboard suggests more gifs on the same topic or similar searches


Our team ranks Riffsy Gif Keyboard as 3-star bot. This is standard functionality and has a standard manipulation menu. Nevertheless, Riffsy Gif Keyboard makes suggestions on similar options for your search, which enriches your options. At the same time, during our test the bot often kept bringing the same gif for new searches.

In the summary, there is nothing special about Riffsy Gif Keyboard. You can use this one or try another one.