CartSkill: handbags chatbot review

CartSkill handbag chatbot Ireview
CartSkill handbag chatbot Ireview


CartSkill, being connected to,  will inform about different types of handbags: various styles, variations within a style, prices, and direct links to buy them.


CartSkill is a very simple navigation tool. The whole functionality is basically scrolling:

  • Start. At the beginning 16 types of various bags are displayed
  • Explore. You get a direct link to with detailed description of the product, pricing and the availiability
  • See similar. If you  like a certain type of a bag but don’t like the ones offered, CartSkill will show you similar designs


CartSkill is a very well-designed and robust chatbot. We give it a solid 4-star rank. What we like the most is the following:

  • CartSkill is well-designed and easy to use application
  • It has a tremendous library of bags
  • You can quickly choose what you would like and buy it promptly

The only reason why didn’t give it a 5-star rating is that depends only upon, which in turn, limits your options. If you need a bag and you are looking for a convenient way to find one,  CartSkill is a must.