Snapsale: Peer2Peer shopping chatbot review

Snapsale Bot Review
Snapsale Bot Review


The bot associated with will assist you to search for specific items in a location.


Snapsale works in the following way:

  • Start. At the very beginning,Snapsale informs you about its role, connecting sellers and buyers, it’s functions and warns you about possible fraud
  • Location. The bot asks you about your current location to limit your search
  • “Sell something” and “Search” - the only 2 functions - you need to type what you want to buy or sell and Snapsale brings you ads that fit your requirements


Our team gives Snapsale a 2-star rating. What we liked is the following:

  • It’s a very cool and appealing idea to search items you need in your location
  • The bot is very simple to use
  • Snapsales seems to be very good at defining the location you need.That, potentially, makes it  very useful for searches in remote locations

At the same, there are significant drawbacks:

  • There are almost no users
  • It’s created by and, therefore, the development is completely dependent upon
  • The search results that the bot brings are usually spam advertisements that utilize popular keywords

In the summary, you can try using it and check if there are a critical number of users that makes it useful. If there isn’t, you will find it useless.