MakeFour: 4-in-line chatbot review

MakeFour  bot review
MakeFour bot review


This is a game to put 4 dots of your color in a line.


Neither the game nor the functionality of MakeFour could be called simple. The bot works in the following way:

  • The game - you will need to chose empty dots trying to put 4 dots of your color in vertical, horizontal or diagonal line
  • You can choose you own difficulty level
  • Friends - you can invite your friends from your Kik contacts
  • Themes - it’s possible to buy a new color options with 50 points 
  • Score - your statistics on every level
  • Leaderboards - you can see other users with highest number of games won
  • Instructions - the bot briefly explains the rules and shows a gif video on how to use MakeFour


MakeFour deserves the highest 5-star rating. To be honest, we couldn’t find drawback but noticed very strong positive sides:

  • The game is very easy and engaging
  • The bot works perfectly
  • There are lots of different functions, including involving other real games
  • The manual provides you with a short video

In the summary, MakeFour is a very good bot. You should have MakeFour if you like playing on your phone.