About Bot-Hub Project

Bot Hub’s goal is to facilitate our modern generation in standardizing and structuring the bot and chatbot market. We are here to help users understand the nature of the bots, making them easy to understand, as well as to assist developers to spread information about their creations, in an effort to improve same.

Bot-hub.com includes our own descriptions and reviews of chatbots. We are, in no way ,connected to or associated with chatbot developers and our reviews are independent. We are not paid for good reviews nor do we give higher scores to weak bots, in exchange for money.

Nevertheless, we are open to consider all offers and claims from developers and redo a review, should arguments be reasonable. For example, after a chatbot is improved or changed.

Please send your offers and claims to offers@bot-hut.com and all ideas of ways to cooperate to cooperation@bot-hub.com

If you take information from our website, please do not forget to make a respective reference via a direct link to bot-hub.com page.